Sage Lawn and Landscaping LLC

Sage Lawn and Landscaping LLC
Sage Lawn and Landscaping LLC

Sage Lawn and Landscaping LLC is a small business based in Pittsburgh, PA, previously known as “Matt’s Lawn Care”.

Key Objectives

• Define the visual personalities and archetypes of the good (Ultra) , better (Grand Distinction) and best (Paramount) paint tiers
• Create distinctive and beautiful packaging, which clearly upgrades the traditional positioning of the old labels
• Upgrade and maintain memorable characteristics from previous packaging:
1. “Blue is memorable for the Menards employees”
2. Must keep the seal in the center”.

List of Deliverables

• New company name
• Overview and comparison of local competition
• Brand design and strategy
• Responsive Website
• Social Media accounts + seasonal campaigns
• E-mail marketing
• Custom seasonal photoshoots
• Print advertising
• Truck decals
• Uniform design
• Business collateral, including invoice strategy and design