Color Trends 2018

Pittsburgh Paints and Stains Color Trends 2018, Brochure and In-Store Aisle

What is Color Trends?
“PPG’s network of 23 international color experts from automotive, architectural, aerospace and consumer products markets analyze design trends, consumer preferences and priorities across regional, cultural and global markets to determine factors that will influence future color choices. The new colors and palettes introduced reflect developments across all these markets and influences.”

2018 Color of the Year: Blackhearth

“Decorate your home in simple sophistication this year with the PITTSBURGH PAINTS & STAINS® brand’s 2018 Color of the Year: Blackhearth (MEN7080-6). A statement-making paint color, this unique black with undertones of purple offers comfort and a quiet retreat from life’s hustle and constant connectivity, a luxury that many consumers crave.” —


  • Inspire and guide customers through their paint journey by presenting fresh ideas and colors
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty through an interactive and highly visual design
  • Incrementally grow paint sales
  • Present thoughtful and researched color palettes
  • Impress the Menards® merchant by providing smart, beautiful and effective design concepts
  • Find the balance between brand consistency and trending design


Every project has an obstacle or two to overcome or learn from. With this project, I learned proper time-management and quick decision making, which gave me the ability to help execute a large-scale project with more success than in the past.

Creating smart solutions can be a difficult task when working within budgetary restrictions. While I was working with fair budget, cost is considerably tricky when working in-house and I needed to be thorough when presenting options to my Marketing team.

The Brochure

The theme/concept for 2018 was inspired by the trending farmhouse look. This style is quite popular in the mid-west and strikes the heart of our target audience. I designed the logo and hand-painted the a wood palette for the cover. The inside spreads play off of the cover design and highlights other elements of the farmhouse look.

Process work for the cover

The In-Store Power Aisle

Working side by side with the PPG marketing team I conceptualized and created in-aisle displays that represented the year’s color trend theme alongside the brand’s various products. Using the farmhouse theme, I created an interactive experience that engaged shoppers and inspired them to use Pittsburgh Paints & Stains products and trends colors on their next paint project.

Conceptual sketch work / prototype

Interactive Solution: The Color Wheel

The purpose of this wheel is two-fold.
1. To engage customers with an interactive component.
2. To educate customers on color pairing. 

Final In-Store Power Aisle