Paramount™ Ready-Mix White Endcap

Paramount™ Ready-Mix White Endcap

“One Coat White interior paint & primer in one is designed to exceed your performance expectations. It’s the perfect blend of cutting edge paint & color technology and style expertise—the most advanced protection* you can get in true one coat coverage.”

List of Deliverables

• Design an Endcap that will hold as much One-Gallon (and possibly quarts) product as possible.
• Find a way to showcase this new product in a creative and eye catching way
• Must show both interior and exterior
• Needs to communicate to the consumer that this white paint will go on in one coat


• Using the Paramount Ready-mix paint on Leneta Test Charts (made from naturally bright, non-fluorescent white paper), to showcase the paint in real-time use against a competitor.
• Unique design that is different from any endcap in Menards
• A paint chip card showcasing the actual paint in every sheen available

Initial Options

Final Endcap

Takeaway Chip Card